Smart-Scents, Scented Candles for Today’s Lifestyles

Smart-Scents, Scented Candles, Smelly Bears, and More

Welcome to our Smart-Scents Candle Site by Rose the Candlemaker.  It is composed of a wide variety of Candles and products made with wax that are perfect for Today’s Lifestyles. Everything is made by hand with attention to quality and detail by Rose the Candlemaker right here in the US. In fact even the site design has been done by the Candlmaker…hope you enjoy it.

Returning customers, the Candlemaker has some exciting news…We are doing some redesigning and color changes, so bear with us, I  hope to have it done by Feb 7th.
Ordering is much simpler now.
You can order on the page by clicking on the image or you can go to the quick order in the sidebar.
Though rebuilding our wedding site, this solution presented itself.

Here you will find our specialty (and the Candlemaker’s Favorite), Smelly Bears – Wax Air Freshners(wax filled bears and other animals). Along with our Smart-Scents, Wickless Candles for use on a Candlewarmer. Our newest creations, are Beeswax Lotion Bars, hand lotion in solid form plus Memorial Candles, which the Candlemaker takes extra care with each and every one The Carved Candles Page is now complete. And the Smelly Bear page is being updated with all our  Scents and animals. We are currently working on our Traditional Wicked Candle Page, both Scented and Unscented and Beeswax Candles.  And while we make many other candles, they are not on the website. The Candlemaker does invite you to one of her local shows or make an appointment to stop by the studio where you can see more of what she creates.  Hope you find the website easy to use. The ordering/shipping is more sophisticated. The shipping charges by your shipping location/zip code instead of being a set price for the candle. Also New is the Product Search and Quick Order.

If you have visited the site before and just want to place an order, go to the Quick Order.  There you can click on Smelly Bears or Lotion Bars or Memorial Candles and be right in the Shopping Page.  It’s all very cool. Quick Order can be found in the Right Sidebar on your Computer Screen or On your Mobile Device, it’s under the bottom Footer If you want to check out what’s new just go to the page and check. Then when you are ready to order, go to the Quick Order. I will add Smelly Bears as the seasons change just like usual. There is also a Checkout Tab and a Cart Tab on the Top Menu, just under the Main Picture. NOTE: Ordering is available on each page.

As a candlemaker with over 35 years of experience, Rose the Candlemaker, has many other candles that she is capable of making. Her workshop is stocked with a wide variety of fragrances, many shapes for molds and many different waxes. If you have a special request, or if you saw something in the past at one of her shows…feel free to contact her. Most orders are sent out within 5 days. We do accept Rush orders. You can pick up your order at our studio or just come and sniff some of our samples Please call or email first to make sure we are there. Ordering is done online by Paypal. If you would prefer to email your order in, we can work with you that way and then send you an Invoice using either PayPal or Square.

Thanks to all who shopped with us this past year. We appreciate your support.
The redesign of our sister site is complete…
Our current schedule of local shows can be found on the “About Us” Page.
The Colorado Renaissance Festival has expanded to 9 weekends this year.
It will be held on weekend from June 11-12 to Aug 6-7.

You can always choose to stop by the studio. Studio hours are by appointment.
You can either email, text or call to set it up.
Feel free to email Rose the Candlemaker at or call 612-669-3541.
5529 Branding Iron Ct. Colorado Springs, CO  80915

Ordering is available online. You can choose to pick up your order at the Studio or to have it shipped.
Most orders are shipped out within a week.
Shipping is by Priority Mail.