Candles For Today’s Lifestyle

Styles Change….this page is being changed to keep up with changing tastes.
We will have 3 different types of candles on this page

Design Your Own Candle

Currently very popular at the STUDIO.
People come asking to see a candle
Maybe they want a black color…or maybe they want a certain shape.
Or maybe just want a scented candle.
The Candlemaker can help you…

Design-A-Candle. Pick the shape, color, and scent. Make it yours!

You choose the SHAPE and the COLOR

   The Candlemaker will make your Candles for you.
   You may also choose to have it Scented or Not.

Price $9 each to $21

Gnome Home……………………………….  Pictures coming soon

Another Specialty of the Candlemaker.
Hand dipped then sculpted with miniature figurines added to each one.
No two are alike.
A true work of art, a conversation piece.

Wax Melts…………………………………….  Pictures coming soon

Wax Melts are super popular right now.
We are currently working on a more inexpensive way to ship these.

They are always available at the STUDIO

3 packages for $12 .

Available in over 30 Scents.



Fall Scents
Besides Hollyberry and Pumpkin Spice we also have
Clove, Candy Cane, Cranberry, Egg Nog, Frankencense,
Hansel & Gretel’s House, Moose Munch, and Salted Caramel.
Wax Melts are super popular now.  Right now we have over 30 different scents.
Wax Melts are always in stock if you come by the studio.






To order right on this page, click the picture below that you want to order.

Go to Quick Order in the Right Sidebar on your computer or on Your Mobile Device, under the bottom Footer, and click on Smart-Scents.

Fragrance Selections


Our Studio will continue to be open by appointment in July, August and September 
We are taking appointments for Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat. from 11am to 4pm.
Just call or text 612-669-3541 or email to set it up an appointment.
We will be closed on Sundays.

All ordering is done via Paypal.
Shipping is via Priority Mail with tracking.

Have any questions or requests? Write the Candlemaker at
Rose the Candlemaker
5529 Branding Iron Ct.
Colorado Springs, CO  80915
Studio hours by appointment