Scented wickless jar candles for use on an electric candle warmer.

Smart-Scents Wickless Candles


Great for adding “atmosphere” to your home.
Choose a relaxing smell for after work to help you relax before bedtime.
Great for the office or home!!

Do you dislike blowing out candle flames or tend to forget about your lit candles?
Switch to Smart-Scents!



Perfect dorm candles for college students…no wick, no flame…the electric candlewarmer
is made specifically for this application.  It is not a hot plate.  It is not a mug warmer.
a candlewarmer warms the candle at a much lower heat.
I started making these candles for my college age customers…they expressed the need
and Smart-Scents are the result.  Buy a starter set today!

Thinking about what scent to add to your house?
Perhaps a dessert scent for a dinner party coming up.
Or a fresh mint or flower smell, like Fresh Cut Roses, Plumeria,
or Peonies in Springtime.

Great for the classroom too! I have had many teachers coming to me for a solution
to all the smells in their classroom.  some are choosing a Smart-Scent and others
are going with a Smelly Bear.
With everyone schooling at home these days…perhaps you could use a fresh scent, like Fresh Linen.
Or a Spring Scent of Plumeria or Watermelon, or Garden Mint.

Whether you need scents for your Home or Gifts…we have a wide variety for you.

We also always have Wax Melts on hand. Right now we have 30 different scents. They run 3 packages for $10 or $3.50each. Wax Melts are always in stock if you come by the studio.

No flame, no smoke, no worries about forgetting to blow out the candle.  Just a great aroma.  Directions?  To use your Smart-Scents, find a safe, stable location away from children, water, and pets.  Place one of your favorite scented Smart-Scents on top of your candle warmer, remove the lid from the jar, and turn the candlewarmer on.  Soon, our candle will begin to warm and melt, releasing it’s aroma into the room.  Turn off the candlewarmer when not in use.

There is no wick to light, no wick to smoke, no smoke to mar your walls or windows.  The wax does not evaporate.  Over time the fragrance will lessen.  When you realize that the scent is gone or not as strong as you like, simply replace your Smart-Scent with a new one.  No need to keep using the same candle until the scent is gone…use different scents as your mood varies.  We currently have 30 different scents.

Available alone or in a set with a candlewarmer.

Small 10oz Smart-Scent…………………………………..$15

Starter Set
Includes your choice of one 10oz Smart-Scent
And one white “Original Candle Warmer” tm….$19


Wrapped Smart-Scents
Wrapped Smart-Scents

Buy a starter set with one or two extra Smart-Scents and have enough candles
to fit your changing moods.

Choose either the candle alone or in a set, pick the fragrance and you are ready to go.
All fragrances are listed on the Order Page.

To order right on this page, click the picture below that you want to order.

Go to Quick Order in the Right Sidebar on your computer or on Your Mobile Device, under the bottom Footer, and click on Smart-Scents.

Fragrance Selections

Spa Scents:  Cucumber Melon / Eucalyptus / Garden Mint
Lavender / Serenity / Vetyver / Niagra Falls

Designer Scents:  Love Spell type / Amber Romance type
Pink type / PS I Love You type / Sensual Amber type
Strawberries & Champagne type / Stormwatch type

Bakery & Fruit Scents:  Coffee Hazelnut / Creme Brulee /
Hot Apple Pie / Vanilla / Wedding Cake
Black Raspberry Vanilla / Fresh Fruit Slices / MacIntosh Apple
Peach / Pina Colada / Bacon / Pizza / Black Cherry

Home Accents:  Cherry Blossom / Jasmine
Mountain Breeze / Nag Champa / Patchouli
Peonies in Springtime / PlumeriaRose Petals / Sandalwood
Seabreeze / Fresh Linen / Spring Flowers with Lilacs

Holiday Scents: Cranberry, Hollyberry, Hansel and Gretel’s House,
Egg Nog, Candy CaneRoasted Chestnuts, Gingerbread, and Pumpkin Spice.


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