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Cute and Fragrant Wax Air Fresheners

Packaged Smelly Bear
Wrapped Smelly Bear
Smelly Bears
Smelly Bears, Wax Air Fresheners


Smelly Bear
is a cute and adorable – Wax Air Freshener

Choose a Bear or one of his Cousins  in the flavor you favor today.

Filled with Wax, dipped in wax and bathed in fragrance… Then groomed and posed. Smelly Bear arrives seated upon a mirrored plate, wrapped in cellophane, tied with a ribbon and ready to go to work. Buy one today and give this bear a job! Enough fragrance to last approximately 5 years… When the fragrance diminishes…refresh your Smelly Bear by using your blow dryer for about 60 seconds, bringing more scented wax from the inside to the outside. Put him on a shelf in plain view, in the baby’s room (not a toy), or in the bathroom. No need to hide this guy.  But he also works nicely in the coat or linen closet (use a smaller one for this application).  What a great gift – perfect for friends, as a baby gift, a hostess gift or for a teacher.  Choose your favorite scent today and another for a friend or family member.
Our newest scent is Cherry Almond along with last years newby, Lemon Curd..
We have new animals also…a new Smelly Dog, Smelly Duck, Smelly Horse,0 Smelly Unicorn, and a Smelly Hedgehog

Orders are usually sent out within a few days . If you need it by a certain time, email or call us and we will work with you.

Our Studio is open for appointments during Nov and Dec.  We are taking appointments for Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat 11am-4pm.
In November when we have a show, the studio will be closed.
Please call, text (612-669-3541) or email to set up an appointment
We are closed on Sundays.

Here we have our Original Smelly Bear himself
You get to choose which Smelly Bear you would like, A Cream Smelly Bear or a Brown Bear.
Or choose another animal further down this page.
Smelly Bear sits about 6-1/2″ to 7″ tall
Price  $32.

Smelly Bears
Smelly Bears, Wax Air Fresheners.

Available in your choice of 9 Scents
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Love Spell type
Fresh Linen
Cherry Almond
Apple Cinnamon
Lemon Curd


Our Holiday Scents are available  from October to mid Jan.
They can be special ordered during the rest of the year but animal choice may be limited.
We have the Candlemaker’s favorite…Hollyberry, Pumpkin Spice, and Hansel&Gretel’s House.
Pine is available by Special Order. And as usual we do have “Special Smelly Animals” for the Holidays.

Christmas Smelly Animals




WE make Smelly Bears all year long.
is one or our newer scents. The Candlemaker is really loving it’s fresh scent. We also have Lemon Curd.
We are located in Colorado, so of course we have a Moose, he is being made in Apple Cinnamon, Fresh Linen, Cherry Almond.

Cherry Almond is our Newest Scent. It debuted in Aug 2022.

Great for any room in your house, baby’s room (Lavender or Fresh Linen is a great choice),coat or linen closet, bathroom…perfect for a gift.
Used by many Teachers in their classrooms on their desk.

We have lots of different animals for you to choose from. And we switch them up from time to time, sometimes because we run low and sometimes because of the season.
Our Main Smelly Bear is available in either a Cream or Brown Bear. He’s a little larger bear at 7″. 

If there is an animal that you saw recently here or at a show and you don’t see it now, email the Candlemaker about it. If there are only one or two left, they are usually taken off the website.
A Current Show Schedule is on our About Us page. All our Fall Shows have confirmed that they are open.
We have 2 shows coming up in December.
Dec 3-4 we will be in Colorado Springs, Colorado at Doherty High School in the big gym.
Dec 10th is our Annual Holiday Open House and Gift Show at our Studio


The house will be Decorated and Filled with Candles

 Stop by  and visit with Bob & Rosie.
Have a cup of Bobby’s Coffee and some Home made Cookies

 Watch a Candle being carved or just sit and visit.
Pick up some last minute Christmas Gifts of Candles or Coffee.
10am to 6pm

Smelly Bears/Animals go up on our Facebook page first, Rose the Candlemaker,

We have a wider variety and many more candles at the Studio than we have online.

Our STUDIO will continue to be open for December on Monday, Wednesday,  Fridays and Sat from 1-4 by appointment.


Currently we have about 28 different Smelly Bears/Animals online for you to choose from.

By popular request, we have both our Regular size and our smaller Smelly Bears.

In our Regular Size we have:
-Original Smelly Bear
-Smelly Dog
-Smelly Wolf
-Smelly Goat
-Smelly Panda
-Smelly Duck NEWEST
Smelly Hedgehog NEWEST
-Smelly Giraffe
-Smelly Black Bear
-Smelly Piggy
-Smelly American Eagle
-Smelly Flamingo
-Smelly Fox
-Smelly Moose
Smelly Sloth
Smelly Cow NEWEST
and Smelly Horse
and Smelly Unicorn NEW

In our Smaller more compact size, we have:
-Sm Elephant
-Sm White Tiger
-Sm Hippo
-Sm Frog
-Sm Monkey


Plus our Holiday Animals

Over time, the fragrance in your Smelly Bear will decrease if the animal is kept at room temperature. You can refresh the scent by heating your Smelly Bear with a blow dryer for about a minute.  This may be done every 3-4 months as desired.

Enjoy your Bear for several years.  Care instructions included.

Now 2 ways to order…Ready?  Just click one of the pictures below.
Or if you prefer you can still Go to Quick Order in the Right Sidebar on your computer or on Your Mobile Device, under the bottom Footer, and click on Smelly Bears or the Animal that you want.

If you don’t see the animal you want or you saw a Smelly Bear at one of our shows and you don’t see it here, just email the Candlemaker,, and ask.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page too. The newest animals are always posted on there first.