Traditional Candles

This page contains some of our most popular candles.
All are wicked and free standing.
Scented Pillars are included.
These are the candles that customers return to purchase every year for themselves.
And when they need a gift, they know that the candles they are getting are long burning,
handmade and highly scented.

Try-Scents, 3 different Scents


Try-Scents Candles
are one of the candles that
we are most well known for.
Three Scents in one Candle.




Our Studio is open for appointments for 2023 during Nov and Dec.  We are taking appointments for Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat from 11am-4pm.
The Studio is closed on days when we do craft shows
Please call, text (612-669-3541) or email to set it up.
We are closed on Sundays.




Scented Tall Square
Tall Square Scented Candle
Scented Short Square
Scented Short Square Candle

Tall and Short Squares
Both of these candles are very popular. Both sizes have the same amount of wax. Long burning and great smelling.






Leaf of Cannabis Leaf
Cannabis Leaf Candle
Treasure Candles
Treasure Candles

Cannabis Leaf Candle
Made in Colorado
4 different scents

Treasure Candles
Each one has a special
treasure, revealed when you burn the candle.





Mushroom Candle
Small Mushroom Candle
Scented Wax Melts
Wax Melts with Candlewarmer & Pan

Small Mushroom Candle
5 different colors

Wax Melts
We always have a supply of these. You can drop by the studio to pick up a few. Shipping these is difficult…It costs almost as much to ship them as to buy them. But…If you would like to add some to your order, it can usually ride on the shipping of the order.
Just email us and ask to add some melts to your order.
Or…stop by and pick some up. We always have them in stock.



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