Carved Candles

All blue carvedRose the Candlemaker has been making hand carved candles for over 40 years now. Each one is a beautiful work of art, created to be burned and enjoyed.
These are also referred to as Dip & Carve Candles or even as Wedding Candles.

Available in
5 Sizes
Large, Medium
Small, Mini,
and Tapers

Buy them individually or as sets.

These candles burn down the center while the candlelight softly glows from the inside.
The pretty cuts & curls remain intact.

Carved Candles may be referred to as Dip & Carved Candles
or Wedding Candles or Unity Candles

This is just one use for carved candles. They are great decorations. Beautiful Gifts.
They are Perfect to give to a girlfriend, wife, mother or grandmother.
Great for house warming gift and a great accent to your own home or apartment.
A Unique Gift for that Special someone or as a Hostess gift for a Holiday Meal.
A favorite of Candle Lovers and Collectors.
These candles are made to burn.
You Choose the Colors, the Style of Cut, and the Candle Size and we will make it for you.
Order online, come to our Studio, or come to a show near you.

Color Selection
First Choose the Outside Color. Typically this is White
Although Black is often chosen.
Next you get to choose the Inside Colors of the candle
Primary Color
Either choose a Combo Color (Classic White, Rainbow, Peacock, Sunburst)
or a Single Color. Note-if you choose a single color for the primary color and
nothing for a Secondary Color, then your candle will have 3 shades of that color.
If you want another color added to your candle,
then add a color to the Secondary Color choice.
Secondary Color
If you want to have a second color added to your candle, insert a selection here.
The Candlemaker will combine the Primary and Secondary colors for you.

Combo Colors
Classic White (this means the whole candle is white, although you can choose to have either a White or Black Outside.
Rainbow – this is a combo of 5 colors Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red
Peacock – this combo color is Green, Blue, and Purple
Sunburst – this combo uses Yellow and Orange

Single Colors
Choose one primary or up to three of these
Red \ Burgundy \ Orange \ Yellow
Green \ Sage \ Blue \ Purple \ Violet
Pink \ Black

Size Options          Dimensions                                                         Price

Mini                        Approximately 4 1/2″ tall, Base 3 1/4″                    $18

Small                      Approximately 7″ tall, Base 3 1/2″                            $24

Medium                 Approximately 9″ tall, Base 3 1/2″                            $32

Large                      Approximately 12″ tall, Base 4″                                 $37
Tapers                   Approximately 10″ tall                                                 $25 a pair
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Please NOTE: during periods of extreme heat, we will hold a candle order until the temperature dips under 90 degrees.
We will contact you when this occurs.

During the Holidays, the Candlemaker always brings out some special designs.
For Autumn and Thanksgiving we combine
Orange and Brown with a hint of Yellow.
The Carving Design is our special mix of
weaving atop rolls.
Simply called our Autumn Carved Candle
It is available in either Medium or Small

Christmas Carved Selection
Christmas Carved Selection
Fall, Carved Candles
Autumn Carved Candles

Then for Christmas, we
add Greens and Reds.
The Medium Candle
is our Christmas Tree,
with a Green Outside
and our special
Basketweave Style.
The Small on either side
are in Green (Left)
and Red & Greens (Right)

We participate in many Craft Shows in the area. And also have a Studio in Colorado Springs. Hours are by appointment.

We ship these candles throughout the US…

Thanks for shopping our site

Rose the Candlemaker